The Science
Behind PermaSafe

Because conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials kill microbes by poisoning them with toxic chemicals, they are designed to dissipate quickly to avoid also harming people and pets. Unfortunately, as soon as they evaporate, so does their antimicrobial capabilities.

PermaSafe not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but also provides continuous antimicrobial protection via a patented chemical free “electro-mechanical” process. PermaSafe covalently bonds to surfaces covering them with millions of positively charged antimicrobial “spikes”. Microbes deposited on a treated surface are electrostatically pulled onto the spikes and destroyed, as the spikes rupture their cell walls and deliver their electrostatic charge.

PermaSafe does this all providing months of protection without odor or the use of harsh chemicals.

Why 4EverGuard?

Servicing Milwaukee,Wisconsin and surroundings.

We at 4everyguard understand two things really well….

Number One is that families are being really cautious when it comes to the Corona Virus. Avoiding Quarantine and protecting family members that are elderly or have compromised immune systems is important. Number two, all these extra precautions take up time in the day, so having a company that is willing to come out to their home or place of business would allow them to take advantage of this incredible product, without the hassle of sitting in a waiting room. We understand that because someone in a family falls into a high-risk category and would prefer not wanting to expose themselves to the outside world at this point. As an alternative to our dealer-partners, 4everguard comes to you.

Inside Car Facts

How Risky is Your Ride?

Modern Vehicles have become Breeding Grounds for Germs, Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, all of which are also known as Microorganisms, or “Microbes.”

Inside Vdehicle - compressed

Is Your Car Making You or Your Passengers Sick?

While any confined space that is frequented by people is prone to microbial activity, increased vehicle use, the popularity of ready-to-eat food and our habit of consuming it in our vehicles, as well as other lifestyle changes, have put drivers and passengers at greater risk of infection. And for motorists whose passengers include those with four legs, or someone who may be ill, wearing dirty shoes or dirty clothes, or even if that extra passenger is nothing more than a bag of trash from your last snack, the risks skyrocket.

Worse yet, there’s been little opportunity to improve this situation. While there is a wide range of upholstery, carpet and other surface cleaners on the market expressly formulated for automotive interiors, very few offer any microbial protection. And, even if they did, it would be all but impossible to thoroughly treat a passenger cabin’s many different areas, components and materials with them, let alone under its seats and dashboard or throughout its heating, air conditioning and ventilation system’s duct work. Further, any antimicrobial protection provided would be very temporary, disappearing completely the instant the product dried.
Until now.

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How It Works

The Magic of 4EVERGUARD

Upon application, the patented antimicrobial agent in PermaSafe SHIELD chemically covalently bonds to the surface to which it is applied coating it with an invisible microbiostatic shield, and providing months of protection.

As the coating dries, millions of microscopic antimicrobial “spike-like” appliances form and extend from the surface. These “spikes” are actually long chains of positively charged atoms that represent a deadly dual threat to microbes.

Once cured, the antimicrobial coating forms an invisible shield that inhibits the growth of microorganisms and helps prevent the growth and spread of bacteria. Because the cell walls of harmful microorganisms are negatively charged, they are electrostatically drawn towards and pulled onto the positively charged spikes and destroyed, as the spikes both impale and electrostatically “shock” the microbes.


Powerful Protection.
Powerful Peace of Mind.
A Powerful Promise to You.

The sanitary condition of your vehicle is not only critical to the health of its passengers, but also the condition and appearance of its leather, vinyl, fabric and other interior materials and, therefore, its resale value.

The PermaSafe System is guaranteed to provide immediate and long-term antimicrobial protection, while also resisting related odors, stains, degradation and discoloration … a promise that’s backed by a fully insured Warranty providing up to 7 Years Coverage.*

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